Styles Description

Street dance culture has a lot of different style that let dancers express themselves in different ways. What make street style unique is the fact that anyone can find style that they can connect emotionally and physically. Street styles help dancers explore personality, creativity and a really supportive community. Most street styles were born on the streets and clubs, thus does not require special equipment or attire. 


Hip Hop

  • Hip Hop stands for "cool movement", which basically says everything about style. In this class you will learn a foundations of hip hop grooves, moves, musicality, and how to combine it all to create hip hop freestyle.
  • Music genre: Hip Hop, Rap, R`n`B
  • Recommended additional class: Movement Development, Urban Choreography




  • Waacking one of the most expressive dance styles on street style dance scene. Waacking is acting, feeling and grace! In this class you will learn how to develop character, performance and funky groove.
  • Music genre: disco, pop, house music
  • Recommended additional class: Movement Development



Break Dance

  • Break Dance, also called breaking or b-boying/b-girling, is an athletic style of street dance. Break Dance consists of four different elements: toprock, footwork, power trix, power move which develops different part of body muscles.
  • Music genre: funk, break beats, hip hop
  • Recommended additional class: Movement Development



Urban Choreography

  • Urban Choreography is a style of dance, community, and lifestyle revolving around choreographed pieces and performances by a dancer or groups of dancers. Choreography is influenced by several different dance styles, but is ultimately
  • Music genre: Hip Hop, R`n`B, Rap, Dancehall, House
  • Recommended additional classes: hip hop, movement development, waacking, break dance.



Movement Development

  • Movement Development is the alphabet for every style. This class is getting really popular in Los Angeles, California. Next Move Dance is the first studio implementing this class in BC Canada. This class consists of: body control, 5 elements of dance exploration, isolations, creativity, usage of space and etc. These topics will be beneficial for any dancer of any style.
  • Music Genre: mix of variety music genres
  • Recommended additional style: any style you passionate about.