About us

Wellcome to Next Move Dance

Next Move Dance Studio is a young but fast growing dance company located in Maple Ridge and Burnaby. We teach: hip hop, waacking, break dance, popping, movement development, and urban choreography.

Our dance company represents different aspects of street styles such as freestyle, choreography, and concept video creation. For Next Move Dance Co street styles are priority, not a necessity. Therefore, we choose our instructors carefully. Our instructors have strong foundation, experience and consistent training in styles they are teaching.

Our main goal is to provide the best education for our dancers by providing seasonal curriculums for every dance class we offer. We believe that proper class planning, consistency, and mentorship are key points to nurture successful dancers.

Our mission is to create a fun, engaging, and safe environment so that our students are empowered to realize their true potential within the dance industry and start the wave of Next Move Dance.

Why Choose Our Studio

Strong Street Style Foundation

We believe that a strong street styles foundation is a key to success at street dance freestyle and choreography.

Beyond Dance

Going through our dance experience we discovered that knowing dance moves is only 50% of success. We believe that the right mindset is equally important to reach dance goals and build a strong dancer. We also believe that the skills we teach can be also used outside of dance class and benefit our students in many ways.


We do our best to provide guidance, motivation, emotional support, and role models to all kids and help them find their dance path.

Join our dance family today

and learn skills beyond dance!